Oil Mist Collectors

GEP Series

When the high-speed processing material that produce heat, and then heat to steam out the water, if the coolant tank of waste oil or other oil without correct handle, this time Processing heat will produce oil mist.

  • With one integrated mechanical design aesthetics
  • High efficacy with Mini Size
  • Low Decibel 65 db
  • Vibration rate G2.5mm/s
  • Unique development 2D turbine Wheel
  • 3D Filter Material
  • Intelligent Alert


Low vibration, Quiet

Not affect CNC operation

Intelligent Alert

Intelligent auto LED display for filter saturation

Integrated Mechanical Design

Vertical design, extend life of motor

High Efficacy Filter

Recycle Oil and Mist 99%, Filter net block 5μm particulate matter effectively


Model GEP-160 GEP-200 Unit
Power 380/220 V
Motor Power 0.37 kw
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Noises Volume 65 dB
Air Volume 16 20 M3/min
Inhalation Caliber 130 150 mm
Most Static Pressure 1280 1430 Pa
Net Weight 36.5 42 kg
Dimension 385*407*447 420*458*482 mm
Filfter Net Re-Clean Used
Operate Indicator Light Light (Green Eco Pro)
Clean Indicator Light Flash (Green Eco Pro)
Square Column Support 430*430*1700 mm
Filfter Tube Size 1 μm Long-acting type / 600 mm

Intelligent Alert

Intelligent auto LED display for filter saturation. When filter is saturated, the light will flash to remind you that you should update New filter.