Coolant Purification Systems

Ultra 90

Keep coolant concentration on basic, To reduce floating oil on surface and prevent anaerobic bacteria and acidization of coolant. Solve the foul smell、Keep stable PH value、Save cost.

  • Small volume
  • Easy integration for CNC
  • Standard Mini for configuration
  • Lower 50% of the cost, Extend life time for quintuple
  • Lower 15% of the cost, Lessen waste to promote high purification
  • Lower 15% of the cost, Increase Value of out-put
  • Higher 10% of Waste Oil Recycle, Promote Recycle Value


Reduce cost of coolant

Lower 50% of the cost, Extend life time for quintuple

Recycle waste oil

Filter the waste oil and saving cost 15%

Automatic processing

Operator’s health is priceless and cost down 15% manual work

Pure Oil Recycle

Increase Pure Oil Recycle 10%,promote high value


Item Ultra90 coolant purification machine
Size 310*390*430 (L*W*H/mm)
Max Flow 90 L / Hr
Volume 10 L
Net Weight 25 kg
Oil Volume No
Filter Obstruct Meter Optional
Power Air Pump Minimum Start Pressure 1.6 BAR

Tiny Accessory

Floating skimmer

The waste oil cover on surface and it leads to birth of anaerobic bacteria.The basic oil of coolant is the most important source of nutrition by anaerobic bacteria and will be produced a lot.That is a reason of foul smell. 

The patent design oil and water separate device are able to absorb surface of oil. Small compact and patent design tube can be balance. The special designed patented oil skimmer can be functional only in lower water of 5 cm.

High Efficacy Purification Module

S.T.P.M module

The patented design with non-lipophilic substances mixed in the material, one injection molding,prompting the oil molecules to achieve continuous and rapid separation, and speed up the settlement of suspended