Chip Vacuum Removal System

FC Series

Used by Negative vacuum principle, and increase high absorption of air to get filter cycle. Intercept particulate matter and impurity.

  • Processing cycle
  • Zero Power consumption
  • CNC Machine No Stop
  • Waste material a few water
  • No Consumable 
  • Reduce wastage of coolant
  • Promote Volume of Water Tank
  • Promote productivity


Promote Volume of Water Tank

Empty space promotes 40% efficiently

Reduce manual work

Lower 15% of the cost, Increase Value of output

No consumable

Cost down & Use more earn more

CNC Machine No need to Stop

Promote productivity 50%, get High efficacy target


Model FC180 FC180 Plus FC380 Unit
Dimension 760*380*730 760*380*730 980*430*730 mm
Net Weight 56 63 71 kg
Filter Tank capacity 7 17 17 L
Air pressure 5 5 5 bar
Maximum Air consumption 1200 1200 2400 l/min
Maximum Negative pressure 35 35 55 kg/m3
Fluid volume 180 180 380 l/min
Filter Precision 380 μm
Suggest air supply caliber 3 3/8 1/2 inch
*If purchase the filter basket, 180μm or 380μm of filter basket can be optional.

Negative pressure cylinder

Interception quantity of particulate matter